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Teenager consoling her friend

Is your teenage daughter struggling? Has she stopped communicating and shut you out? Are you losing hope?


Our residential program includes:
Christ-Centered Counseling for Teens and Parents
Structured Education at Hope Academy
Daily Spiritual Guidance and Teaching

House of Hope Kansas City is a non-denominational, parent-interactive, non-profit residential home and school for healing teenage girls, ages 12 through 17. We are a loving and transformational temporary home, designed as an intensive five phase program. Our residential program requires parents and their daughters to enter fully into the healing process of individual and family counseling, as well as parenting classes. We also offer non-residential, outpatient counseling for families with struggling teens. Focusing on the family is what makes House of Hope Kansas City different and successful!

Interested in Donating?

Some of our IMMEDIATE needs include:

$150 to purchase Microsoft Office for our Mac computers that are in Hope Academy. This is a computer that Basehor-Linwood provided to us, but it does not have the program to open the applications we need.

$1,000-$3,000 to purchase new computers for our executive director, business manager and our house staff. We are trying to get a grant off to fund this.  We would like Apple computers.  They have better service, fewer problems and provide the best technology. Each costs a little more than $1,000. We really need three,  but would like to have six (one for our volunteer coordinator, one for our future program director and one for Senior House staff to have solo).

$600 to get video cameras in the hallways and main living areas. This cost covers the cameras, and we plan to have them set up by a volunteer. These are new wireless, motion recorders.

Some of our CURRENT needs include:

Lawn & Leaf paper bags
DVD player (new or used)
Full size cabinet (with lock) for cleaning supplies
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Office supply gift cards
Grocery store gift cards
Home Depot/Lowes gift cards
Target/Walmart gift cards
New Food Storage Containers
Copy Paper
Red cover paper bound notebooks for journaling

 Take a tour of our campus

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, residential treatment program for hurting teens with the ultimate goal of family unit restoration.