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House of Hope Kansas City is a home and school for girls ages 12-17. The therapeutic program is parent-interactive and faith-based, designed to help girls who are struggling with emotions, trauma or motivations in life.

  • Christ-Centered Counseling
  • Structured Education at Hope Academy
  • Daily Spiritual Guidance and Teaching

The House of Hope mission is to bring about healing in teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. Our goal is to bring about family restoration, harmonly and purposeful living with a focus on a strong future for each girl in our care.

Frequent Asked Questions

1 . What is the Length of House of Hope ?

Information is coming…call us for help.

2 . How Much Does House of Hope Cost ?

Information is coming…call us for help.

3 . Does Insurance Cover Cost ?

Information is coming…call us for help.

4 . Is the Program Christian-Based ?

Information is coming…call us for help.

5 . It this a Lockdown or Involuntary Program?

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Hear From Those Who Have Come Here


“The philosophy and example of House of Hope, which receives no government funds, needs to be shared across our nation. Those who want to help disturbed teenagers should be able to know there is way, and that way works.”     SEE THE VIDEO >>

Our mission is to provide a Christian-based residential therapeutic home for hurting teen girls with the goal of family restoration. And, to provide outpatient counseling for teen boys and girls and their families.
  • To rescue hurting, runaway teenagers from the destructive forces invading society.
  • To help free hurting teenagers from the negative influences upon their daily lives.
  • To assist in healing the hurts and scars from these teenagers’ pasts.

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