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The House of Hope mission is to bring about healing in teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. - boarding schools with therapy and boarding schools.

House of Hope

Help for troubled girls

Throughout our program, troubled girls experience the transforming power of love and rebuild relationships with their parents. Through Christian counseling and education, girls are given the tools to overcome negative influences and past trauma.

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Lifetime Recovery

boarding school for girls

Helping Troubled Girls


We’re a Christian home and boarding school for girls ages 13-17 who are having emotional or behavior issues. The therapeutic program is designed to help girls who are struggling due to trauma, adoption, or inappropriate motivations. We offer:

  • Counseling and Therapeutic Activities
  • Structured and Accelerated Education
  • Christian Guidance and Mentoring

We are an affordable inpatient program of healing for teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. We bring about family restoration, harmony and purposeful living with a focus on a strong future for each girl in our care.

Frequent Asked Questions

1 . What is the Length of House of Hope ?

Because of our individualized focus and in-depth therapy, we are able to effect a substantial change in girls in as short a time as possible, but the average length of stay is typically 9-14 months, depending on the severity of the issues and how soon the girl participates fully in the therapy.

2 . How Much Does House of Hope Cost ?

House of Hope Kansas City, as a non-profit, Christian-based center is priced among the lowest providers in the midwest for quality therapeutic care for your daughter. Tuition is $5,000/month, with scholarships available to those who qualify. Monthly tuition covers school, room and board, counseling, transportation, & most activities.

3 . Does Insurance Cover Cost ?

Our licensed counseling staff are available for sessions with teenagers, parents, siblings, and group family sessions. Most insurance programs are accepted to reduce or eliminate counseling costs. Residential care is not covered by insurance at this time.

4 . Is the Program Christian-Based ?

House of Hope Kansas City is a Christian-based nonprofit organization providing comprehensive residential treatment program for hurting teens. We are committed to following and honoring Jesus Christ through our words, actions and deeds in our relationships with all people.

5 . Is this a Lockdown or Involuntary Program?

You can rest assured knowing your daughter is tucked in bed in a safe, family-style environment while staff, counselors, and teachers work with you and your daughter on rebuilding relationships, trust, and respect. The campus is safe and secure to protect our students and to prevent runaways when we are charged with caring for your daughters.

Troubled Teens Start a New Path in Life Here



“The philosophy and example of House of Hope, which receives no government funds, needs to be shared across our nation. Those who want to help disturbed teenagers should be able to know there is way, and that way works.”     SEE THE VIDEO >>

JIMMY DODDPresident, PastorServe

“It’s heart-warming to see an organization like House of Hope bring such effective Christian care and counseling to troubled girls and their families over the last several years. May the Lord continue to bless your faithful group with your outstanding and effective treatment solutions. I love House of Hope!”

Our mission is to provide a Christian-based residential therapeutic home for hurting teen girls with the goal of family restoration. And, to provide outpatient counseling for teen boys and girls and their families.
  • To rescue hurting, runaway teenagers from the destructive forces invading society.
  • To help free hurting teenagers from the negative influences upon their daily lives.
  • To assist in healing the hurts and scars from these teenagers’ pasts.

What A Parent Has To Say

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