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Family Counseling Center


and when your family experiences one, we want to be there for you!  

Who do we serve in our Family Counseling Center?  

We provide counseling for teen boys and girls, ages 12-18, and their families, including siblings. 


What adolescent issues do our counselors address?  

Our counselors are able to handle a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal ideation, self-harm, substance abuse, and pornography.  All of our Counselors are clinically-trained and have experience in a variety of therapeutic approaches.


What are hours of the Family Counseling center? 

We see clients Monday - Thursday from 2 pm -  8 pm 


Are scholarships available for counseling?

Yes, we never want finances to be a barrier to healing.  Let us know when you schedule an appointment if you are interested in a scholarship.  Amounts are determined based on a sliding scale.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 913-262-8885 or complete the "How Can We Help" form below.

Our Counseling Staff

Laurie White, LMSW | Counselor

Vicki Bartholomew, LMSW | Counselor

Monique McNeil, LMSW | Counselor

Contact Us

Email: info@houseofhopekc.net

Phone: 913-262-8885

Fax: 913-362-0505

Mail Address:

7040 Antioch Road

Overland Park, KS 66204

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How Can We Help?

We are still pre-enrolling students during the COVID-19 outbreak. Call Us.

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